Sunday, March 27, 2022



Here and now…

My word this semester is breathe…

Breath, life, focus.  It’s not like we can put it off, or breathe ahead of time.  If someone stops, there are literally minutes until there is no chance of reversal. There are no do-overs, no mulligans.  

We HAVE to do it.  Always.  

Wanna watch wheels spin and minds strain?  Tell a bunch of 7th graders that you have a child that thinks breathing is optional.  

“Wait, what?  I thought I knew what optional means.  I know what breathing is.  Maybe I don’t know…”

Nope, not really optional.

Breathing brings oxygen to our cells, takes away the waste.  Life-giving, the essence of who we are.  Oxygen brings the healthy glow to our skin.  Without it we are dusky blue, gray.  Lifeless.  

But breathing, deep breaths, they calm us, center us, remind us of our “being.”  Remind me life is precious, fleeting, fragile.  Now is all we truly have.

Focus, now, be in the moment, joy, spirit.  


He who only half breathes, only half lives. 
~Sanskrit proverb

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