Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Still Waiting...

Someone decided Superman
needed to be taking precautions.
I don't know if that means he's 
sick or he's taking care of 
someone sick.  
But it made me laugh.
Last night they gave Aaron a mild stool softener.  Today they gave him a stronger, faster acting one, plus a laxative.  They're supposed to work in 30 minutes to three hours.  That was mid-morning.  Guess what?

Yep, still waiting.  No poop, lots of oxygen.

BUT it also explains the heart rate fluctuations as well.  And him sleeping more.  And it's a whole lot better than it being his heart.

See, when you're told your child is "incompatible with life" you cling to hope, but there's also the realistic side.  When you can see on studies that his heart resembles a piece of swiss cheese (okay, not quite that bad, but still not good) you worry about that.  And when his tattered lungs sound good, you look for the next most likely thing:  that big (yeah, it's bigger than it should be) ol' organ right next to it.

And the doubts and fears creep in again.  You do what you can to push them away, but part of the trouble that comes with this life is you also know when you're running out of options.  With his heart, we're pretty darn close there.

So we're watching and waiting and hoping here, but really not too worried.  It will "move."  Eventually.  If not by tomorrow, they'll use stronger meds.  There are lots of options for this one which makes me feel much easier about things.  He just likes to take his own sweet time to do things.  I guess he doesn't realize it would be much easier for me if we could just do them from home.  That's okay.  We'll get there.

And Superman?  He's got nothin' on this kid.

"Sometimes real superheroes live in the hearts 
of small children fighting big battles." 
Author Unknown

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