Sunday, April 17, 2016

Crazy Week (In a Good Way)

So happy to be back at church.
Quick update on the highlights of our week, 'cause you know, we're in that race to the end of the school year where everything seems to move at lightning speed, except me.

On Monday, Aaron had another post-op visit from his right ear surgery.  It's still healing well, his hearing wasn't further damaged, and it actually might be a little bit better.  I took the time to ask Dr. ENT about the surgery for his left ear, which was scheduled for the 20th.  Yeah, this week.  But because he'd been sick, and because we've had so much "fun" doing surgery right after an illness, we're pushing it out.  Protocol calls for six weeks for pneumonia, four weeks for a cold.  But with all of Aaron's challenges, any surgery has a higher likelihood of complications that it would for a typical kid.  Put it too soon after an illness and you're playing Russian Roulette.

Dr. ENT suggested that we do it the first part of June.  I laughed.  It's still six weeks away and the calendar is already filling up.  So we're looking at July 5th.  Happy Independence Day to us, right?

He also went to soccer games, although we watched from the car because it was pretty chilly outside.

Then today, we took him back to church.  He doesn't go during the winter.  It's just simply not safe.  Way too many coughs and colds and people who don't stay home when they're sick.  But oh, was he happy to be there.  Big, big grins the whole time!

His nose has continued to run, pretty much all week, but it's also stayed clear, so we're calling it allergies.  He's finally managed to go back to prn breathing treatments.  He gets his new wheelchair in about ten more days.

Yep, life is looking pretty good right now.

"Happiness is an occasional brief glance into how simple it all can be."
Robert Brault

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