Monday, March 17, 2014

National Amateur DanceSport Championships

Here I am, rolling in and ready to
enjoy the sights and sounds!
Hi Everyone!  Guess what?  Mom couldn't get a nurse for me last Thursday, so I got to play hooky and go hang out with her and the big kids at BYU.

I spent hours just gazing
down at all the beautiful
dancers.  Loved it!

And since I LOVE music, it was a blast!  It was so exciting and I loved (almost) every minute of it.  (It got a little harder as I got more tired, but that's pretty much it for the down side.)

Finally, I was wiped out, so Mom
put my on my blanket and I fell
asleep for a few hours.  

When I woke up, there was a swing competition going, and I figured why not?  I might as well get in on it, too.  Too bad that getting called back depends on where you are as much as what you're doing.  I guess the judges just couldn't see me way up high, 'cause otherwise, I KNOW they would have wanted to see me again.  I mean, how can you resist this kind of enthusiasm and rhythm?

Anyway, here are few of the pictures Mom and David took.  You might think there's actually a lot, but really, I think they took almost 500!  Yeah, a little camera happy here.  Be glad I talked Mom into narrowing them down a little.  

Jonathan and Deborah both had individual competitions that they did really well in.
Jonathan and Chloe


So what do you do when your partner
gets sick before the beginning of your
last competition?  You find someone
else who's not competing, introduce
yourself, and go have fun!  Even though
they'd NEVER danced together before
Jonathan and Rachel made it through
a few rounds of callbacks.  Nice!

Deborah dancing Gold Bar Paso Doble
Jonathan and Chloe

Deborah dancing Gold Bar Hustle
Gold Bar Paso Doble again

Lone Peak High School did well, also.  Jonathan and Chloe got some of the highest marks awarded for their Cha-cha in the Team Match, and the team took third in their division.

I think my favorite was watching Jonathan and Deborah compete together.  Deborah's friend, Brayden, dances, too.  He and his smooth partner even placed in their event.  Isn't her dress beautiful (the purple one)?  She's an artist and designed the pattern on it.  

Jonathan is wearing the Latin shirt I made for him.

Last picture together for competition.
Jonathan will be leaving on his
mission and Deborah will be
finding a new partner now.

Isn't this gorgeous?  

There were other fun things, too.  Like these two little kids, probably my age!  They came out on the floor, and then looked around with these huge eyes at all the people!  The stands were pretty full at the time, and it must have looked scary!  Mom actually wondered if they were going to run right back off.  But the music started and they looked at each other like, okay, we know what to do now.  And they just did it!  Plus, they got called back!  Awesome!!

BYU Dance 180 is the first social dance class.  There were almost 100 couples on the floor (but just for a minute).  Ever wonder what 100 couples dancing looks like?  Well, here it is.  Good thing they split them up into different heats for the judging, huh?

And finally, here are just a couple of fun, pretty pictures, 'cause I liked the swirling dresses and bright colors so much.  Really, I think I might want to do this again next year.  Wonder if I can pull it off again.

 Dancing is like dreaming with your feet!  ~Constanze

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