Friday, January 3, 2014

Wheelchair Snow Tires

Before I get started, let me say I didn't come up with this on my own.  A friend of mine posted the idea on Facebook.  Unfortunately, I can't remember who it was.  If you want to speak up, I'd love to give you the credit!  Update:  Valerie Ford, another special needs mom who lives nearby was the one that posted the idea.  Thanks for letting me know, and most of all, thanks for the idea!!

Anyway, it seems (if I'm remembering correctly, always kinda iffy) that in France people use zip ties on bike tires to help with traction in the snow.  My friend suggested this might work for wheelchairs, too.

The road is just past the pine trees you
can see in the middle of the picture.
Since we have this wonderful driveway that goes down to the bus, I figured we could use some help.  We try to keep it cleared, but that means getting out and shoveling at 5:30 a.m.  Yep, not exactly my kids (or my!) favorite time to be up and out in the snow.  Plus, there's also the issue if it continues to snow, or if it got driven on before we got to it, or, or, or . . .   You get the picture.

So I figured, what's there to lose?  I grabbed some 8 inch zip ties (also called cable ties) and put them around his wheels.

Guess what?  They work great!!  Snow tires for a wheelchair, complete with studs.  We have lost a couple here and there, but at $3 for 100 from Wal-Mart, I think we'll do okay anyway.

Safety is a cheap and effective insurance policy. 
 ~Author Unknown

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