Monday, July 29, 2013

Still here, Not Much To Report

We're still here and it looks like we won't be going anywhere real soon.  Aaron continues to do the same, great asleep, little oxygen piggy when awake.  Pulmonology and cardiology both agree that it seems to be his heart, or specifically his pulmonary hypertension.

After a team cardio meeting this morning, they want to get a heart cath.  His last one was in December.  The catch is that the next available heart cath is on Wednesday and it's only Monday right now.  He's not emergent, we can support his needs for now, so we're playing a waiting game.  It's possible  that they might be able to do it sooner.  Here's hoping because he's not stable enough to go home in the meantime.  Hence the waiting game.

Right now he's snoring, literally.  It's kinda cute.  We spent last night rocking and singing songs.  I'm amazed at how many songs I half know, but can't come up with the rest of the words to.  No matter, he didn't seem to mind.  Loved the feel of him in my arms, eyes looking up and laughing at me, soaking in his precious spirit.
The human spirit is not measured by the size of the act, 
but by the size of the heart.  
-Yakov Smirnoff


  1. Awww, sweet pumpkin. I so want him to be well. Sending thoughts and prayers.