Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Alayna's Angel Day -- Hope Lives On

Sweet Alayna Hope
Almost one year ago, a beautiful little girl from Eagle Mountain, Utah passed away.  Like Aaron, Alayna had full Trisomy 18.  Because one or the other always seemed to be struggling, they never got to meet in this life, but I spent time on the phone with her mom, met her family, and they came to Aaron's birthday party.

Alayna's dad and siblings with Aaron
and some of my kids at the movies.

Alayna's mom and siblings at Aaron's
birthday party.

Alayna blessed her family with 160 days of love.  To remember her, they are promoting a "Hope Lives On" party.  Alayna's middle name is Hope and this is a wonderful way to continue her legacy.  It's really easy.  Each day try perform a random act of kindness (or two) and post it on her facebook site by clicking on the link or her name below her picture.  They want to have 160 acts of kindness each day between May 1 and her angelversary on May 18.

I know that when I talk to a mom with an angel, her biggest fear is always that her child will be forgotten. Let's help the Abbott family pass on Alayna Hope's legacy.  What are you going to do?
The picture they gave us for
Aaron's 1st Birthday.
We CAN do hard things, but this one
is easy.  What are you going to do to
brighten someone's day?

(If you don't have a facebook account, or have trouble going there, you can post it here and I'll make sure they get it.)

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