Monday, October 24, 2011

On the Right Track

He's trying to decide if he's going to play or not.
This afternoon, he's playing!
Aaron is doing better.  He's still not his happy self, but he's getting there.  He's been pretty cranky today with some small smiles.  But that is MUCH better than yesterday where he would just lie there and let them do whatever.  His right lung is opening up and with that, his oxygen levels have improved.  Yesterday, we weren't able to get below 85% on his oxygen.  Right now, he's at 60%!  He's on continuous feeds at a slower rate than he usually gets at night, but over 24 hours he'll get his full amount.  And he's managed to pull out two IVs in 24 hours.  So we're on number three and he's wearing arm restraints to keep him from getting it. 
Aaron's closet in his room.
I bring these so the staff can
see him happy and playful
like we do.

It's interesting how thoughts process here in the PICU.  There's a butterfly on the door across the way.  I really hope it's not the little boy whose mom I met last time.  Another friend's daughter, up in Canada, is really struggling in some bad ways.  A LOUSY way to celebrate a sixth birthday, for both of them.   My heart just aches.

But then, when I was downstairs, I ran into a couple I met a year ago.  She had just given birth and her son had some major issues.  I think I remember that he had hypoplatic left heart syndrome, or only half a heart.  Not a good way to start out life.  BUT there he was, in the stroller, no oxygen or anything!  He was in for a check-up and they're between surgeries.  That was a wonderful thing to see.  And another T18 kiddo who has been in the hospital in Texas is on his way home.  He's not 100%, but like us, his parents can handle most of it at home.

So our goal today:  to be boring.  We're definitely on the right track.

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  1. Yay! For boring! Now to go and read your other posts to see what put you guys up there to begin with.......