Thursday, December 13, 2018

His “Spark” is Back

He’s happy again!  He still needs a TON of support.  We haven’t been able to reduce his oxygen or the additional supports on the vent.  He’s still a pretty sick little guy based on numbers.

But his demeanor, yeah, our monkey is back.  And it’s wonderful.  He’s back to “helping” with diaper changes, suctioning, refusing to stay upright where it’s easier to breathe.  He played pretty much all day, as opposed to yesterday where he just slept.

And I can’t say what a relief this is.  On Thanksgiving I asked William if I was weird because every Thanksgiving I wonder if we get to have Christmas with him.  They’re only a few weeks apart.  But his first Thanksgiving I remember standing over his cradle and sobbing that I just wanted one Christmas.  And we almost didn’t get it.  He was crashing and Lifeflighted from the house the next morning in the very early hours.

Those thoughts ran rampant through my mind on Tuesday night.  It was hard, scary.  I wondered even into yesterday how things were going to play out.  Were we going to get Christmas, only two weeks away?

But today, today is so different.  He’s not better.  He’s got a long ways to go.  How long that takes is anybody’s guess.  We’re almost 48 hours into antibiotics, and they may just “fix” everything quickly. It may take longer.  His pulmonary hypertension could still kick higher.

But Aaron is back.  And we’ll make it back home.  And I have no words to express my gratitude for all the prayers and love and support that have been offered up on his and our family’s behalf.

“A mighty flame followeth a tiny spark.”
Dante Alighieri

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