Sunday, February 9, 2014


All dressed and ready to leave Primary's.
I love the bib.  He DOES bring Joy!
I'm afraid this is another down and dirty, quick update.  Not a lot of cerebral moments going on here right now.  Exhaustion and all, you know.

Anyway, we managed to come home yesterday.  Just over 48 hours for pneumonia, not bad!  He's better but not "all better."  It's just that he's been transitioned over to an oral (or g-tube) antibiotic, had no more need for his IV, and decided not to need the hospital vent.

In other words, there's nothing that they'd be doing at the hospital that we can't do at home.  We're still having to do CPT (chest physio therapy) quite often, at least every four hours.  He gets a breathing treatment every four hours.  We suction a LOT right now, but at least we're not pulling much blood out anymore.  Every so often we get it, but it's not every time.

We're still having fun with oxygen.  He was actually down just below three liters this afternoon while sleeping, but he's also been as high as 8 1/2 liters, for quite a while.  I've also bagged him once each day since we got home.  Yesterday, he "helped."  It was actually kinda cute.

I think I may be warping my kids.  It was so cute when he was "helping" that I paused to get my phone out.  Andrew asked if I was calling 911 ("again" is what I think he said).  Nope, I'm getting a video of it.  Yeah, 'cause around here, artificially resuscitating someone is becoming par for the course.

I've also done another "emergency" trach change.  And that helped, too.  Really, it's exactly what we'd be doing in the hospital, except the nurses would be doing a whole lot more and I'd be doing less.  And while the doctors were fully supportive of us coming home, they also put much tighter guidelines on for seeking medical attention, like a fever of 38 (100.4) will send us back in.  But we ARE at home.  So it's all good.  And we're hoping to stay here. 

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.  
~Jane Austen

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