Monday, December 2, 2013


We're home, and apparently just in time.  There's a big snowstorm blowing in tonight (which will make Aaron's asthma oh so fun) and about a million things going on here.

The next couple of weeks are full of medical-type appointments, but the funny part is, I don't think even one is for Aaron.  Joseph had fillings today, Matthew has a dental check-up Friday, and Jonathan sees an oral surgeon on Monday to see if he needs his wisdom teeth out (or if they're even there!).   Next week, Joseph has a follow-up from his tonsillectomy and Michael gets to go meet Aaron's plastic surgeon.

Yeah, that's a fun story.  Seems that on Friday, he, Matthew, Joseph and Andrew were playing football in the backyard.  Michael went to tackle Joseph, Joseph moved out of the way, but the rock wall stayed put.  Michael vs rock wall.  Rock wall won.

I got a call from William saying that he had a gash more than an inch long and very deep on his cheek and assorted other abrasions.  They came up to Primary's for the stitches.  Plastics was in surgery when they got here, so all in all, it was about five hours before he was sewn up.  And while the edges came together well so it was bleeding badly when bandaged, when they took the bandage off, it flowed freely.  Yeah, it was pretty bad.

Add in carpools for school and other activities, plus I haven't even started decorating for Christmas, well, I don't think there's much chance for boredom to set it.

Please, please, keep Aaron in your prayers.  He's still not 100%.  We're still going to be using his albuterol and he'll be on higher oxygen amounts for the next little while.  I think I've had enough of our vacation home in the north.

Love the Christmas season.  Even love the snow, when I can sit inside, read a book and drink hot chocolate. (Don't think that part will happen right away.)

There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.  
~Jane Austen

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  1. So glad you're all home. Sending lots of love to you guys. xo