Thursday, March 7, 2013

For the Family Whose Baby was Lifeflighted Yesterday

-   I saw your baby yesterday, or rather, I saw the isolet, the little incubator, that protected your baby from the world.  It was Wednesday afternoon, about 2:45 at American Fork Hospital. 
My heart aches for you.  Obviously, I know almost nothing, but from what I saw, I make some assumptions.  I assume that your baby was just born and was probably sent to Primarys.  I assume that you began the day not having any idea that you would be dealt this, because face it, no one plans and hopes that their baby’s first journey will be on a medical helicopter, all alone except for medical personnel.  The chopper was parked at American Fork for quite a while, motionless and cold already when I got there with my own son for his labs.  And it was as we were loading back up that they brought your child out.  So I’m guessing that instead of a frenzied rush in the Emergency Room, something warned the nurses and doctors during or right before labor that maybe everything wasn’t the way they expected.  And they called for back-up.
So my heart goes out to you.  I don’t know your heart and your fears, but I know mine.  I remember the very cold, dark night that a chopper landed outside my home.  I remember the rock in my stomach, the lump in my throat, the fear that stole my own breath as I watched my son fight for his.   I imagine that you were expecting a joyful ride home in your own car in a few days, not this new adventure.   It’s instinctual, born in us to protect our children, our babies, and hold them close.  We feel that no one can take care of our children and know them like we do.  But sometimes we have to stand back and let someone else do it. And it hurts, it hurts so badly.
So from a mom who’s ridden and riding her own ride, know you’re in my prayers.  You and your baby.  The lows are so low, but the highs that come with each new small milestone are just as high.  You may have many valleys, but I pray you also experience the mountain tops as well. 
"Only if you've been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain."  Richard Nixon

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  1. It's quite possible that this is the little one I shared an elevator ride with earlier this week. A humbling experience after Lily's journey. Whether the same one or two different babies, there are some new people in my prayers.