Thursday, November 10, 2016


These three cuties are all now registered
voters.  Where did the time go?
Along with the rest of the nation, I was shocked and surprised when Trump won on Tuesday.  Along with many I had deep reservations about the man.  And along with many, I had prayed and studied hard before making my decision of who I wished would be in the White House.

That said, I believe (I hope) most Americans also did so.  I don't think anyone went to the polls thinking, "Oh, boy!  I really hope that by voting for __________ I wreck our nation."   I know in our home, we didn't all vote the same way, but we all love our country, and we each put our voice behind the one we thought would do the best job.

But it's one person.  Yes, it's a person with a lot of power now, but it's also one branch of a government that was established by our forefathers with a system of checks and balances.  And I believe in it and I trust it.  And I will continue to talk to and email my representatives, both on the local and national level and express my thoughts and concerns.

But I refuse to think the world has come to an end, or that we are finally being delivered.  In four years, we'll have another opportunity to do the same thing again, although I hope without all the hate and fear mongering.

However, let me share some other stories that have also been in my newsfeeds, ones that I think hit a lot closer to home, and are frankly, in quiet ways, more important and have a longer lasting impact.

On Tuesday, in addition to all the nasty political posts, I saw a picture of a mom with her toddler.  The little girl was lying, "asleep" in a hospital bed.  But it was much more than that.  Tests had just shown that this precious daughter had no more brain activity, and Mom was having to break the news to the siblings that their little sister wouldn't be coming home.

On Wednesday, another friend posted that her husband's tumor had shrunk.

Others are experiencing life events, too.  Little ones admitted to the PICU, others babies being born to happy families.  Wedding anniversaries, birthdays, soccer games.  We've been experiencing the "practice" in the practice of medicine with Aaron as we tweak one thing and then another, and then revisit some old issues in new ways, trying to optimize his health.   Frankly, none of these have been much affected by the polarization that seems to exist in our country right now.

We're all Americans.  We live in a wonderful country.  Are there problems?  Sure. Are we everything we could be?  Of course not.  But we're trying.  And we need to try harder to come together.  To see each other not as enemies, but as fellow citizens who want what's best for our nation.  We have different ideas.  That's okay.  Our great constitution was a matter of compromise, painful, soul searching compromise, but the men who wrote it came together for the greater good.

We need to do the same.  We need to put down the insults and stop hiding behind our fears.  Believe me, I understand them, at least some of them.  My own son could face repercussions from this election.  I'll have to redouble my efforts to advocate on his behalf, to help others see the value in his life.

But truly, I believe that the area we have the most influence, and the area where we are most likely to need to change, is right within our reach, our homes, our communities, our online outreach.  Let's pull together.  Let's be Americans.

"Your success as a family... our success as a nation... depends not on what happens inside the White House, but on what happens inside your house."
Barbara Bush

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