Sunday, August 28, 2016


First Day of 1st Grade
We've had a few "firsts" going on here this week.

First day of school for the public school kids.

First day of First Grade for Aaron.

Moving out day for three of the olders (okay, that's not a first for most of them).

First time since the fall of 1998 I haven't had (at least) two kids in the same school.

First day in almost 25 years I haven't had a small child around for at least half the day.

5th Grade
Jr year
8th Grade
Tomorrow will be the college kids' first day of school, so I'll be trying to snag a picture of Deborah before she heads out, but I'm not counting on the ones who are already gone to get me a first day picture, so they'll have to make do with moving day pictures.

And in just over a week, Matthew will leave for the Missionary Training Center and be on his way.

This is getting kinda weird.

And funny.

Moving Day
Mary -- last year of college
Jonathan & David,
1st and 2nd year of college

We had a jam packed weekend with soccer games, work schedules, a cub scout campout that William and the older boys were staffing, and a SOFT picnic for me, Aaron and whoever else could come along, plus evening church meetings.

The initial plan for Friday was for me to leave about 2:45, take Joseph down to work in Provo, pick up another kid on the way back and try to get back here as close to 4:00 as I could so the other young man could be helping with the campout.  Except about 11:00, he called and asked if it would be easier for me if he just got a ride up here on his own.  Sure!  Anything I don't have to do makes life easier, right?  Well, it wasn't until about 1 p.m.! that I realized I couldn't leave at 2:45.  Aaron doesn't even get home until almost 4:00.

And then about 2:00, I looked over to where the wheelchair is (belongs) to make sure the ventilator was plugged in and charging, and NO WHEELCHAIR!  I was irritated, and a but stumped as to who moved the wheelchair and to where, because it wasn't where it belonged.  And just as I was starting to ask where it was and who had moved it, I realized exactly where it was.

At school, with Aaron, who wasn't due home for a couple more hours.

Yep, I think Mama's finally losing it.

 On Wednesday as we were driving from Mary's apartment to the boys, they were talking about which superpower they would chose if they could have one.  I said I wanted to be able to go without needing sleep and still function.  And then replied to my own comment, "Oh, yeah, I already do that."

Maybe I need to rethink that.

My kids are just shaking their heads, and laughing at me.

Christine Feehan

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