Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Busy 36 Hours!

My little night owl thinks morning comes way
too soon.  "Someone turn the lights off!"
 I woke up about 3 a.m. on Monday morning (yeah, hospitals are really good places to catch up on your beauty rest), and couldn't go back to sleep.

I kept thinking of everything we needed/wanted to get done before school started on Wednesday, and had no idea how it was going to happen with me and Aaron in the hospital.

Then I got to thinking about exactly what we were doing to help him, and how I can do the very same things at home.

Yeah, it'd be more work with me doing the breathing treatments and assessments, more suctioning, etc, but we weren't on IVs, or even antibiotics.  We were just trying to work his oxygen down.

So when the doctor came in the next morning, we talked, and she agreed.  We had our walking papers by noon.  Yippee!!

All ready to bust out as
soon as our ride comes.
So I got home, got him situated, and took off for one of four "Back to School" events.  I actually only made it to three over the next two days, but since Aaron starts a week later than the rest, I'm going to try to drop in there on my own time.

But between Monday afternoon and this morning, we got Back to School visits, and two shopping trips (so far!), four haircuts, and some kids' rooms switched.

And TONS of stuff sorted to either give away or throw away.  And we found water in one of the basement bedrooms.  So that kid is currently sharing with another brother while we get it all figured out.  (In every life a little rain, or water, must fall and that kind of thing, I guess.)

So it's been a very busy 36 hours, but it's sooooo good to be home.

And Aaron must agree.  He's almost back to his baseline.  He's still got the morning junk, but otherwise, he's looking pretty good!  I think he'll be all ready when that big yellow school bus pulls up a week from today.  So fun!

It is better to wear out than to rust out. ~Richard Cumberland

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