Sunday, November 18, 2012

Busy Week

It's been a very busy week around here.

Joseph started homeschooling part time.  It's going pretty well so far.  His books all came on Friday and he's really excited about the material.  Here's hoping it continues that way.  So far, I'm loving the extra time we get to spend together.

On Thursday, Aaron went for a visit with General Surgery about his g-tube sore.  Of course, right now it's looking as good as it ever has been!  But he did get a chance to meet another surgeon and win her over.  (His original surgeon is now practicing at another hospital.)  Then we stopped in to see one of his buddies.  Little Paxton is missing a chromosome, is about two months younger and only lives a couple of miles from us.  We're thinking the two of them got together in heaven before they came and decided to have a party.  They're quite similar in the challenges they face.

Friday found him cheering for his brother at a wrestling match.  It was a hard fought battle and Aaron made his presence known by stretching and wiggling all the way through Jonathan's match so he could set off his alarms.  I don't think he alarmed much at all, except when his brother was wrestling

Andrew  & Michael checking out a warming
blanket.  I'm thinking we need one of those
for the basement bedrooms!
Saturday was Primary Children's Medical Center's surgical open house.  Every two years they open the OR wing to the public.  The kids get to check out the whole place, making play-do teeth, checking out neurosurgery, and even doing an "appendectomy."  It was really cool!

Michael placing screws in a skull.
Watching as an ultrasound machine
breaks up a "kidney stone"
(peppermint candy).

Working on his brain surgery technique on an egg. 

Michael trying his hand at the egg.

Andrew assisting Michael with an
Michael reaching in for the "appendix."
Aaron's kind of figuring that he's
been there, done that, and you're
not supposed to be awake in the
OR anyway.  So he's checking out
while his brothers "operate."

But the highlight of the week was Wednesday.  Mary's mission call came!  She's going to be serving in the Canada Vancouver Mission and leaves for the MTC (missionary training center) on April 3rd.  The mission actually covers most of British Columbia.  She will have a great chance to see a lot of beautiful places.  There's a link to her blog (her dad called her his MissionMary many years ago) on the left side. Right now, it's just a couple of pictures and the video of her opening her call.  We are all so excited for her!

Missionary:  (n)  Someone who leaves their family for a short time that others may be with their families for eternity. 

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  1. How exciting for her and the family. My husband served in British Columbia many years ago. At that time, the mission also included ALASKA.