Friday, January 27, 2012

The Yuck

It seems this week the yuck that has been everywhere, decided to come here.  I've got one child who hasn't been sick in YEARS who has been kneeling at the porcelain throne.  Another (thankfully, older) who managed to lose 12 pounds in about 24 hours.  Not that I'd mind doing that, but it is a bit extreme.  And he didn't need to get rid of it.

So this week I've been hypersensitive about ANYTHING germy coming anywhere near our little guy, or me, if possible.  Yesterday, my luck ran out.  Fortunately, his has continued.  So I spent yesterday curled up on the couch while William took care of all the meds, feeds, alarms and so on.  I sat on a stool and tried not to touch while giving directions on making his foods.  I really, really missed cuddling the little guy, but still hoping he doesn't get it.  So far, so good.

But I did finally bite the bullet and update his medical history and schedule.  If we do have to go in, I don't want to try to remember what meds changed when, and what his new formula ratio is.  Especially since I have to look at my card each time I make it still.
Look who we found hanging out
at Shriner's.
Aaron had two doctor's visits this week.  On Monday, he went up to the club foot clinic (yeah, I know his is the opposite of a club foot, but they treat them all at the same time).  His doctor said his feet were doing really well.  He'll continue wearing his little braces until he outgrows them, but that probably won't be much longer.  Then he'll be done.  We go back in six months for another check-up.  By then it should be warm, no ice outside, yea!

On Wednesday, he went for his monthly Synagis vaccine.  This one is based on weight.  He's gained just over two pounds since his last one.  When you only weigh around 20 pounds, that's a lot.  So they're scaling back his calories a little bit.  My chunky monkey is going on a diet.  Maybe I ought to join him?  Nah.

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