Saturday, July 9, 2011

3rd Day Post-op

We've finally seen a decrease in swelling today.  Aaron's also come off his pain medication, mostly.  We may still need to give him a little tonight, but until this morning, he was on scheduled Lortab.  That means we gave it to him every four hours.  Right now it's been 12 since he's had any.  He's a little fussier, but not too much, and he's easy to calm down.

He's also experiencing quite a bit of bleeding at his circumcision site.  I'm waiting for a call back from the urologist on call as to whether we need to do anything.

Mary, David, Jonathan and Matthew came home tonight and saw Aaron for the first time since surgery.  They were shocked at the swelling and bruising.  The bruises have started turning yellow and green, which almost looks worse, but I know that means it's getting better.  Please pray that our bug has a comfortable night.  He really needs it.

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