Monday, March 27, 2023

Heading Home! (finally)

This kid is ready! 

We will be on our way as soon as his last breathing treatment and feeding are done!

We thought we were going home yesterday, but overnight Saturday he popped a brief fever and he had some weird things pop up on his heart tracings.   In looking at things, cardiology seems to think the aren't real, and his fever resolved without any meds.

So here we go, take 2! 

Yesterday, we had a full-on blizzard (or snow squall) up here. But in the window of the Ronald McDonald Room, daffodils are blooming.  There's something about the cheery yellow bloom that gives me hope, especially nestled against a frigid, white snowstorm.  

Spring is coming, even when it doesn't feel like it.  Healing will happen.  It may not always be in the way we think is "best" but I faith in a higher power that it will be in a way that will help me to become the person I am meant to me.  And I am grateful for the small reminders all around me that life is precious and golden, and always renewing.  Winter may be dark and bitter and cold, but spring will bring new life.  

No matter how long the winter, 
spring is sure to follow. 

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